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Our "Forever Fosters"


These dogs are currently not available for adoption due to medical or behavioral needs.

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Crissy was rescued from Maricopa Animal Care and Control in the beginning of October. The shelter said she had to be out of the building by 6:00pm or she would be euthanized, because she was scared of male dogs. Crissy has clearly had a rough life, countless litters of puppies, and possibly an abusive owner. Two months after Crissy was rescued, we realized her eyes were looking a bit different; turns out Crissy has the onset of entropion and needs surgery on both eyes.


The day after the surgery was scheduled, Crissy began having fevers, she spiked to 105° and spent the night at the emergency vet. Multiple tests and blood panels were ran and everything came back negative. Crissy began having high fevers every other night, so she went to the vet and stayed for three days for medical boarding. After more blood work was done, we found out she had an extremely low platelet count (30,000 when the low normal is 200,000). Crissy is currently on prednisone and her platelet count has gone up a bit (103,000 on 11/11). We believe she has an autoimmune disease. Crissy still needs to have her entropion surgery once she is healthy again. Medications are very expensive and Crissy still needs surgery. Our medical fund is depleted and we desperately need the public's help for this sweet girl's treatment.


UPDATE 05/05/15: We have good news and bad news. Good news is that the swelling in Crissy's foot seems to be going down and her liver values are almost normal. Now for the bad news... Crissy spiked a fever last night, Crissy has been staying at our vet under doctor supervision for over a week now. They immediately put her on iv fluids and another antibiotic. As of this morning her temp is still high, but she is eating which is good. Her blood work is very concerning as her WBC and RBC are very low which is basically making us think that her bone marrow is shutting down. In order to hopefully learn more about what is going on, Crissy will be having a bone marrow biopsy today. Please keep Crissy in your prayers.


UPDATE 03/03/15: Crissy underwent an emergency blood transfusion on 12/22/14, which luckily saved her life. Crissy's body stopped producing blood and thankfully the blood transfusion gave her body the jump start it needed. Crissy is still on steroids, but is slowly weening off of them as her red/white blood cells, and platelet counts have been normal. Crissy has been on medication for her liver as well, to help lower her liver values which are slowly coming down. We are hoping Crissy will soon be off of her medication and can eventually have her entropian surgery!

UPDATE 06/01/2019: Crissy continues to thrive in her forever foster. Crissy had a one of a kind surgery about a year ago. The surgery removed a section of her skin that contiued to get infected due to her extreme case of calcinotis cutis. She is officially off of medication. Unfortunately, she still has skin issues, but she is happy as can be. She requires blood work every few months and special baths for her skin. 


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