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Pupdate on Daja's Studies

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Raise your hand if you've heard of Daja? Daja is a pointer/pittie mix that was in and out of the county shelter for over 12 months. Abandoned by one owner, surrendered by another, and ultimately returned by her last because she barked at other dogs while out for walks in the neighborhood. She was almost immediately put on the euthanasia list upon return for her "dog-dog issues" and given a 7 day deadline to be rescued!

Being regular volunteers at the shelter as well as running Standing Proud, a few of us knew Daja well. We were clearly devastated when we realized she was not long for this earth without our help. No other rescues seemed interested in her in her time of need, and so we did the unthinkable....we took in a dog with "issues"! Not one that would be easily adopted overnight, but one that would cost money, take time, and require patience to get to be her best self!

Thanks to all of you and your wonderful donations, we were able to raise some money to start Daja in training with the amazing David Sanders of Zen K9. Through daily training exercises and work on the Lure Course, Daja is settling in nicely and working side by side with other dogs on a regular basis.


So, for those that think that some dogs are lost causes...think again! Daja is proof positive that with a little hard work and a lot of love, anything is possible!

If you'd like to donate to Daja's continued training we would be ever so grateful! And if you're in search of a wonderful trainer to help you with your doggie needs please contact David!

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