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Inaugural Post of the Bully Blog!

Welcome to our bully blog!

Here, we hope to keep everyone aprised of some of our extra special dogs that are undergoing


medical treatment or behavioral training!

Right now we have little guy Stewie that is awaiting confirmation of a valley fever diagnosis by way of blood results.

Our poor guy spent a long day at University Animal Hospital in Tempe, AZ yesterday. After a full examination, X-rays, blood work, fecal, etc., we are under the assumption that he has valley fever. He had a temperature of 103.8 degrees, and X-Rays showing three of his legs had very swollen bone tissue.

Until his blood work is back we won't know for sure. We have started him on fluconazole, anti-inflammatory meds, pain meds, as well as subcutaneous fluids. He is resting peacefully with his foster mamma, who also happens to be a nurse . Stewie is in GREAT hands! We will keep you updated on his recovery!

Also, a HUGE thank you for those who have donated towards his care so far, we are almost at our goal to cover yesterday's vet visit! It will be a long road to recovery for Mr. Stewie, but we could not continue what we do without all of your support!

If you would like to continue to support Stewie's long and expensive road to recovery, we will gladly continue to accept donations if you click here!

Please check back weekly for our pupdates about Stewie and all of the other Standing Proud pups! As always if you have any questions about our dogs or think you might be interested in fostering or adoption, email us!

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