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Rest In Paradise (RIP)


This page is dedicated to those who we lost too soon...

may their memories live on forever..


twix xrays 2.jpg
twix xrays 1.jpg

Twix was surrendered to the county shelter by her owners for being ill. She was only 5lbs and probably around 13+ years old. Her nails were so long she couldn't walk. Twix was so congested at the shelter, she could barely breathe. Thanks to our awesome kitty foster Nicole, we were able to save this girl on 11/15/14, knowing she didn't have much time left.  Obviously here at Standing Proud, we take in the occasional honorary Pit Bull and we couldn't leave this sweetheart at the shelter any longer. Twix's x-rays showed the heartbreaking reason for her illness. Cancer was found in her stomach, that was so large, it was pushing on her other organs. We promised to give her the best few days until she ready. On the morning of 11/21/14 Twix told us it was her time to go. She passed peacefully at the vet in her fosters arms, surrounded by the people who fell in love with her during her short time with us. We love you Twix and we are so sorry we couldn't do more to help you. Run free baby.

Twix (honorary pit bull)

Crossed the rainbow bridge on 11/21/14

jericho collage pic.jpg
Jericho at MCACC East
After his surgery!
Sleepy boy after surgery


Crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 12/17/14

Jericho was brought in as a stray to the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control in late July 2014, after being found in an industrial park. Jericho was infested with ticks, his ears had been hacked off and were crusted shut, and he had multiple abscesses around his penis. The first night at the shelter Jericho almost bled out after one of his abscesses burst! We immediately pick up this boy the next day and brought him to our vet where he stayed under medical boarding for a couple days. After examination from our vet we discovered that Jericho's teeth have been ground down and broken, leaving us with no valid way to guess his age. Throughout all of the suffering this boy has been through, he managed to keep his tail wagging throughout all of his treatment. Jericho was finally able to have surgery on August 15, 2014, where he had 7 abscesses removed, 1 in his third eye lid, 1 on his stomach, and 5 near his penis. Jericho was also neutered and recieved a good teeth cleaning. The growth in his eye lid came back as cancer but all of it was removed. All his other growths were non cancerous. Jericho starts his cryo-therapy to remove the other cysts he has and will need this on a continuous basis.

UPDATE 09/10/14: Jericho had his first round of kryo therapy today which went great. After his surgery we discovered a new growth near his butt. The doctor took a sample today and it came back as a mast cell tumor. Jericho will be going in for surgery on 09/12 to get the tumor removed and will be starting chemotherapy on 9/17. Our little boy is a fighter and we know he has the strength to get through this. 

UPDATE: Jericho's second surgery went great. Dr. Ware removed another 10 masses with only 1 being cancerous. He is doing great with his chemo and he is definitely a happy boy!

UPDATE 12/04/14: After noticed some swelling in Jericho's belly, x-rays showed a large mass near his spleen. Jericho went into emergency surgery on 11/31. The doctor managed to remove a 12"x11" mass as well as his spleen! The mass was sent out for testing and came back as an aggressive form of cancer.

UPDATE 12/17/14: Jericho was brought into the vet after his abdomen appeared to be swollen. X-rays discovered the devastating news. Blood was found in his abdomen that was possibly coming from his liver. We had to make the difficult decision to set him free. Jericho left us too soon and he took a piece of our heart with him. We are extremely grateful to have spent the last 5 months with him. Jericho is one of a kind, the definition of resilience and one hell of a fighter. We know he is at peace now, and will continue to watch over us. Jericho left behind a legacy and he will never be forgetten. The support we have recieved from our friends, family, and supporters since the day we took him from the shelter is what helped us continue his fight to a healthy life. We will miss holding his hand and the innocence and love we saw in his eyes. We will continue to save those that need us most, knowing that Jericho is watching us from the rainbow bridge. We will soon meet again, we love you Jericho. We will cherish everything you have taught us. Run free our sweet Prince.


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