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All smiles with a smudgy pink and brown nose, wintry white Piper is one pip of a 

pup. At 2 years of age, and recently rescued from the county shelter, this onetime 

stray has gradually been facing and overcoming her fears. Formerly frightened 

when people walked past her kennel (even when bearing treats), after being placed 

in a patient foster home, that fear disappeared. She’s now a dog transformed! She 

loves everyone, from children to adults, and loves playing with other dogs. Eager 

and energetic, she also loves going for walks (she walks well on a leash), and always 

comes when called. More that just a pretty bully face, bright Piper knows the sit 

command, uses the doggy door with ease, and is both house and kennel trained. 

Although somewhat fearful of cats, in an environment with a friendly feline, she’ll 

soon learn to trust them. And if slightly rough around the children she loves, with 

some gentle guidance, she’ll become the best-behaved Piper ever. Now this happy 

and healthy honey with the heart of gold is on the hunt for her happily-ever-after 


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