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If you live in Arizona and are interested in adopting a Standing Proud Adopt-a-bull please fill out an adoption application at the bottom of this page!


Please contact with any questions about our adoption process or about a specific adoptable!


*Consider being a monthly sponsor! Your monthly donation will help pay for our pups every day care, while they wait for their forever home!*



Please allow 24-48 hours for the application to be reviewed


NOTE: Standing Proud only adopts to homes within Arizona at this time. 


You must be 21 years or older to adopt.


If your application is approved a meet & greet will be scheduled as well as a home visit.


All of our adopt-a-bulls are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, have a healthy vet check-up, and know some basic obedience. All adoption fees include a mandatory one on one training with our canine behaviorist.

All adoptions require a minimum 2 week foster to adopt period.


Fill out the Adoption Application below!

Now that you have submitted an application, one of our adoption counselors will review it and be in touch via email! We may have some follow up questions for clarification purposes, but don't be alarmed if this occurs. We simply want to make sure we have all the right information that will be helpful in ensuring the dog you have chosen is the right one!


Making the perfect match between our dogs and your family is our number one goal in the adoption process! Sometimes we may come to the conclusion that the dog you have chosen is not well suited for your home or circumstances, however we will do our best to find a dog that is. With honest answers to our adoption questionnaire above, we hope to be able to place a wonderful Standing Proud dog in your home, however, please keep in mind that we do reserve the right to deny adoptions to anyone that does not meet our criteria for a successful adoption.


If your application is approved the following will occur:


(1) A meet and greet on neutral territory, usually at a park, with your other dog(s) (if you have any) to make sure they are compatible and get along. Your assigned adoption counselor will assist with this introduction and meet and greet.


(2) If that goes well, the adoption counselor will then schedule a home check (sometimes this can be done in the same day). We use the home check as an opportunity to get to know our adopters and answer any questions they may have about our rescue or the dog in question. We also check that you have a suitable environment for the dog (fencing is especially important).


NOTE: We will contact your landlord, if you rent a home, condo, or apartment, requesting proof that there are no breed or size restrictions that would preclude you from owning the dog you are interested in. We may also ask for a copy of your lease.


(3) The dog will be brought over to your home multiple times with our canine behaviorist for different increments of time to help the dog transition. This transition can take up to 3 months depending on the dog. 


(4) Finally, if the transition period goes well, the adoption counselor will go over the adoption contract and you will pay the adoption fee of $250. This fee includes a mandatory one on one follow up training with our behaviorist.


(5) The adoption is not finalized until a minimum of two weeks post signing of the contract. We call this the "foster-to-adopt" period. This time is used to allow the dog to settle in and make sure s/he is a good fit.


NOTE: Standing Proud will ALWAYS take back a dog if it does not work out, and in fact it is explicit in our contract that you MUST return him/her to us if you should decide not to keep him/her for any reason. Re-homing of our dogs is not allowed under our contract under any circumstances.


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